Must Reads

waking upWaking Up by Sam Harris (Buy)

Sam gives personal accounts of his experience with drugs that alternate the conscious mind, and within this context, he brings a number of scientific studies that arose the idea of the mind shaping our reality.

lifeThe story of my life by Helen Keller (Buy)

What was moving and inspiring was how she had a playful side to her, and how she made meaning out of things you and I take for granted. Also how she understood so much and questioned the very little things that we just assume to be what they are.

Genghis kahnGenghis Kahn and the making of the modern world by Jack Weatherford (Buy)

This book opened my eyes to possibilities which I couldn’t imagine. Taking ideologies I have already been accustomed to and opening up possibilities to collaborate with people I would have written off.

radical candorRadicol Candor By Kim Scott (Buy)

Kim Scott uses great personal story telling and really gets to the heart of what it takes to be a partner/boss/employee.

hitmakersHitmakers By Derek Thompson (Buy)

Derek carefully analyzes the human psychology on pop culture. The motives and creations that transcribe ideas into becoming popular ones. Taking hits such as Starwars and 50 shades of grays, all the way to Apple and the music industry.

so good they can't ignore youSo Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport (Buy)

Becoming so good that others can’t ignore you is beeing comfortable with doing things that are uncomfortable that increase and develop your ability at your work.

the art of learningThe Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin (Buy)

There is no secret left unsaid by Josh in this book, I highly recommend this book to people who know they possess a vast potential within them, but don’t understand how to make it flourish.

masteryBounce by Matthew Syed (Buy)

Attitude is everything. I believe this to be the differentiator from someone who wants to be great and someone who is on the path to achieving mastery. Matthew has been a Table Tennis Champion and has rubbed shoulders with some of the most talented people on the planet. He emphasizes that it isn’t just the practice, but intentional practice that matters.

think like a freakThink Like A Freak by Stephen J. Dubner & Steven D. Levitt (Buy)

A fascinating book from the authors series of Freakonomics. They have delivered an exceptional array of experimentations and capture the reader’s attention with their story telling. Read More….

the carpenterThe Carpenter by Jon Gordon (Buy)

This book is comprised of a set of principles which can be applied to all aspects of life and business. I highly recommend this book to entrepreneurs, people in executive positions and even employees.

reworkRework by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson (Buy)

In this information-saturated environment misleading or bringing false information will kill your brand and your business. Rework offers a fresh new perspective on how business should be run.

do the workDo The Work by Steven Pressfield (Buy)

Last week I added Why We Work by Barry Schwartz, he explains what motivates us to do the work. This week I am adding another short very well written book about work. The difference is Steven tackles the notion of resistance. Resistance is powerful and the way to overcome it the authors explains is by staying stupid. Be stupid to the fact that your grandiose idea is improbable.

why we workWhy We Work by Barry Schwartz (Buy)

When we think doing good work becomes so simple, Barry dissects the notion of good work and goes deeper to find the underlining meaning behind it.

daring greatlyDaring Greatly by Brene Brown (Buy)

Brene does an excellent job at explaining how vulnerability plays a central role in everyone’s life. There will be a time when you will be faced with a decision, put your guard up, or let your guard down and expose your feelings. The choice you make will have a direct proportionate impact on you and the other person.

flowFlow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Buy)

You can most certainly dial in your environment to enter into the state of flow, and I believe it is only when you are aware and can replicate your external surroundings to facilitate the state of flow that you become highly productive.

from impossible to inevitableFrom Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemikn (Buy)

This book offers timeless advice that every entrepreneur and business minded individual needs to know, everything from measuring your actions into what works and what doesn’t to outsourcing monotonous tasks to interviewing employees to negotiating and understanding that creating value for customers requires for you to show them new ways that they didn’t see or understand before.

death of ivanThe Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy (Buy)

This book raised fundamental questions: Does it rob me of my reality to live someone else’s life? To make someone else’s life easier and happier? Does this make me miserable? Am I selfish to think otherwise? Is it simple to distinguish being deception and falsehood?

the power of brokeThe Power of Broke by Daniel Paisner and Daymond John (Buy)

I was intrigued as I am always by the power of successful entrepreneurs in how they succeeded in their journey, more importantly in how they have failed along the way.

shoe dogShoe Dog by Phil Knight (Buy)

This story is not just for business mindsets or entrepreneurs it also has a love story, a story of adventure, and a story about friendship. Phil Knight embodies the kind of person who pursues relentlessly and does not give up despite the turmoil he endures. This is a crucial factor for entrepreneurs to understand.

blinkBlink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell (Buy)

Snap judgments happen all the time, you cannot stop it, you shouldn’t try to. What you can do is understand how your past experience will affect how you perceive something for the first time, and how relying on that past experience can be both damaging and rewarding.

22 Immutable laws of branding by Al and Laura Ries (Buy)

Great way to figure out how a brand makes its presence in the marketplace. Nice and short but very thought out read. Very self-explanatory. This book is for entrepreneurs who are looking to build their brand. The authors take you through a several practices of what a brand should and should not do.

dwylDo What You Love and Other Lies About Success and Happiness by Miya Tokumitsu (Buy)

This book is grounding it speaks more of the darker side of things where success and happiness are something of a fantasy and the truth is in order to achieve success and happiness you must enter adversity and sacrifice. Instead of the usual 250-300 words, I write double that because this book is an important literature for people who are employed, are an employer or will be in the workforce. So that means it’s for everyone

invisible influenceInvisible Influence by Jonah Berger (Buy)

This book is for student’s, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is fascinated to understand how the actions they take are predictable and unless consciously aware, not malleable.

slaughterhouse fiveSlaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut (Buy)

Adding another one to the fiction pile, I had some good laughs reading it. The protagonist is shameless, easygoing and just doesn’t care much about anything. Reading this was a delight. Imagining what it would be like to be this character is somewhat heuristic.

sevenevesSeveneves by Neal Stephenson (Buy)

It tells us about human conditioning, perception, and behavior. The story is entertaining, the characters are enlightening and the author is very explicit and informative with what could happen with the possibility of this ever occurring.

subtle artThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k by Mark Manson (Buy)

Mark takes us on a journey that ultimately makes us realize who we are, where we are, and how we can change the way we live by simply applying common sense and observation.

The leader who had no titleThe Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma (Buy)

Not only can everyone be a leader, but everyone must be a leader for an organization to thrive. To be a leader is to take responsibility for your actions and to be committed to making a difference in your work and the people you work with. It is to be excellent in your current role.

the one thingThe one thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (Buy)

It’s not about how fast we run or how many things we complete in a day, it is about completing the right things every day. It is about spending time doing your one thing.

the 5 love languagesThe 5 love languages by Gary Chapman (Buy)

It isn’t about how long you been with someone, it is about the quality of that relationship, how you nurture it and what you do every day that counts.

monk who sold ferrariThe monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma (Buy)

This book moved me so deeply that before even finishing it I was recommending it to the people closest to me. It was very philosophical and practical. The story is full of symbols that are examined in detail between a conversation of a wealthy lawyer who turned into a monk giving inspirational advice to another lawyer who is at a cross road.

great by choiceGreat by Choice by Jim Collins, Morten Hansen (Buy)

This book reveals a very practical approach to what you can do to be a 10x performer. It applies to people who own business and people who work at jobs or just want to improve in their everyday life.

small dataSmall Data by Martin Lindstrom (Buy)

Absolutely insightful and useful advice to any businessman/Entrepreneur. There are tons of fun facts if you are neither of those two, Martin does a great job at entertaining, and as Malcolm Gladwell put it “Prepare to be dazzled.”

techieThe Liberal Arts Techie by Austin Gunter (Buy)

A breakthrough approach on how to apply, and what to look for in employment. I found this particularly useful in a managerial point of view, even though it is written for an applicant seeking employment.

the creatives curseThe Creative’s Curse by Todd Brison (Buy)

What does it mean to be a creative? How do creatives get past the mind block? How can triggers inspire creativity?

ContagiousContagious by Jonah Berger (Buy)

One of the best books to read out there if you are in business and or are looking to gain popularity/virility. Jonah is a professor at the Wharton University in Pennsylvania and he has taken literature and countless research studies to shed light on how things go viral. What makes things contagious?

RadicalsRules for Radicals by Saul D. Alinsky (Buy)

Written by a social activist. This book serves all of those who are interested in the power of law and organizations. Leaders of organizations would benefit from this read as well as members who are not leaders.

The tigerThe Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival by John Vaillant (Buy)

John does a magnificent job at giving the history, background, as well as narrating the story of tiger detectives. Who face imperial creatures in a sub-zero environment. This book was an inspiration for this article: Can isolation make you stronger?

The alchemistThe Alchemist by Paul Coelho (Buy)

At a time when I was lost, my friend had recommended this read for me and it has really put things into perspective. You may have noticed that many of the books I am putting into my Must Reads are non-fiction works. This is a novel, and I will be publishing more fiction works.

Letters selfmade merchantLetters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son by George Horace Lorimer (Buy)

Principles on life, relationship’s and business, all of which is the ground work of my website and my blog posts that I share with you. I found this read from Ryan Holiday, one of my inspirations into my output.

zero to oneZero to One by Peter Thiel (Buy)

You may or may not have read this book. If you are in business I suggest you read it because Peter highlights very important guiding principles in how business, especially start-ups, can be operated to achieve great success. He is a co-founder and member of the Pay Pal Mafia and an early Facebook investor.

the third waveThe Third Wave by Steve Case (Buy)

Case is a visionary and in this book he gives us an explanation as to what to expect in the future in terms of how disruption will be a necessary tool to survival. This is not just a story about the rise and fall of AOL but it is also a manifesto on how to proceed with the current technological advancement.

gonzoGonzo Marketing by Christopher Locke (Buy)

This book highlights important aspects of marketing and how marketers gain popularity. Though it is a cynical view on marketing, you will find that the author’s sense of humor drives the message on how to make an impact on your target audience.

hookedHooked by Nir Eyal (Buy)

Products that survive this incredible fast-paced market are the ones that get the users hooked. “New behaviours to really take hold, they must occur often.”

Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday (Buy)

So you want to hack your way into the media presence. You want people to pay attention to what you are informing, selling, and thinking about. You want to build a loyal list of subscriber so that you can think about long term gains. Read this well written book by Ryan. He expresses how important it is to understand that there are key fundamentals for success and that things do not happen randomly. Success happens because hackers understand how to make things go viral.

influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Buy)

Why is influence so powerful? How do you know which approach people use to influence you? Robert who sometimes is referred to as the ‘Godfather of Influence’ gives us an inside look as to how people act and react based on six principles of common persuasion tactics. Great book for people in business to understand how to approach customers, and this is also great for buyers want to buy logically.

The Thank You Economy (Buy)

People don’t care about you. If you want them to care you need to show them that you care. Sincerely care from the bottom of your heart, not just care about wanting them to buy from you. Trust is built upon engagement. So engage in a manner that brings value to others. Think customer service, culture and intent. “There is no ROI on caring and trust.” So you need to trust that by doing the “right thing is always right.”

Start With Why by Simon Sinek (Buy)

This book is must read for every single person in business or not. Start with why is the question that gets overlooked by so many, yet it is what differentiates everyone. Everyone has a why, but very few know how to communicate it. This book conveys why you should have a why.

The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson (Buy)

Amazing book for entrepreneurs, especially for those who are in sales and marketing. The challenger sale is someone who teaches, tailors and takes control. Someone who challenges the way the customer thinks about their business . I was introduced to this book by my mentor and VP in sales in a SaaS company. I have began to apply it in my businesses, and have noticed that the approach is powerful and effective.

Ego is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday (Buy)

This book was published at pivotal moment in my life. One of which I have let my ego surmount the importance of my work. The reason why I do what I do. It was a revelation in Ryan’s timeless truths that helped me realize that simply being aware of my ego I can get back on track for what Is purposeful. “Always be learning.”

Crush It by Gary Vanynerchuk (Buy)

“Have real relationships with customers.” This book is so valuable to entrepreneurs, I was going to single it out for marketers but I believe all entrepreneurs will benefit from reading this awesome book. This book helped me understand how and where to approach my target audience.

The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell (Buy)

This novel has giving me a new perspective on how small acts can make a huge impact. I have used this saying in my Givers Group.

Hyena by Jude Angelini (Buy)

This book is comprised of autobiographical short stories from Jude’s personal experience. This is the book that started it all for me.