invisible influence

This was a gift from one of my best friend’s and partner in two of my businesses (friend first).

Jonah is masterful when it comes to explaining the psychology behind our unconscious behavior. He gives us lots of insight just like he did in Contagious (why things catch on).

All of the studies that he conducted with his research team at Stanford University are helpful at describing the influence at work. Here Jonah tells us about social influence, how it impacts our behavior and how our behavior affects others. He also says that what is important to consider is that social influence only works when it is observable.

While reading this book I began to notice the influence in my environment. I began to observe people differently, not just how they did things, but how others affected their actions, and actually changed them.

People like to be different, yet the same. I know this is contradictory, and there is a good explanation of how this works.

This book is for student’s, relationships, entrepreneurs, musicians and anyone who is fascinated to understand how the actions they take are predictable and unless consciously aware, not malleable.

Here is an article I wrote where I mention this book Is Opportunity Equal?

The mind doesn’t have to do as much work to figure out what it is and this reduced effort generates a positive feeling that we interpreted as familiarity.”

If you have read this book or are planning to read it, let me know, I would love to hear from you and have a further discussion about it.

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