radical candor

I came across this book through a reference from Daniel Pink and his Pinkcast. This was when Ion it into my book list. It sat there for a couple of months, then after attending an event in Vancouver, Real Talks, I was listening to the Q and A portion at the dinner that was hosted for the VIP guests.

One person from the audience asked a question about his partner.

He asked, “how do I get my partner to agree with me?” One of the panelists answered “read Radical Candor” This intrigued me enough to check my book list and low and behold I have already marked this as a must read book.

It is a greatly insightful book about understanding your work with partners and employees. How your behavior affects others in the workplace and what to do about it.

You will be surprised that the changes you make within yourself and with others can have an effect on others. You create a ripple effect with your behavior onto others.

Have you ever noticed that when a person smiles at you, your reaction is to smile back? This book teaches you the importance of being a person that gets things done by example that’s being set forth.

This book teaches you the importance of being a person that gets things are done by example.

After reading the book I checked out the talks that Kim gave at Universities, you can find it here, and it will give you the outline of the book.

She uses great personal story telling and really gets to the heart of what it takes to be a partner/boss/employee.

This book can also apply to people who are struggling in their personal lives with relationships.

When you show that you care about the small things, others will see that and start to care about them too.”

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