Written by a social activist. This book serves all of those who are interested in the power of law and organizations.

The advice Saul presents here can apply for various other applications in business, life and relationships. What makes up an organization? A group of 2 or more people. This book has been used as a guideline for revolutionaries and it outlines various factual examples. There is a better way to act, Saul gives us those tools to do just that.

Leaders of organizations would benefit from this read as well as members who are not leaders.

My favorite quote, one that really resonated with me; “Resolution of one problem will create another problem.” This is true in so many ways.

I noticed that in my life as well. When I fix one problem in my company or relationships I find another one results from fixing the first problem.

The author’s advice is; “to perceive life as it is and not as you would like it to be.”

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