waking up

Thoughts pull the levers of emotions. Negative emotions, in turn, set the stage for patterns of thinking that keeps them active in one’s mind.

In other words, what you think about you will feel, and what you feel will shape how you think about it continually. If you want to feel happy, think about things that make you happy.

Sam Harris is a unique writer and a leading expert in meditation. His wife Annaka is also very involved with the niche that Sam delves in.I absolutely fell in love with his style of writing when I read this particular book.

I absolutely fell in love with his style of writing when I read this particular book, he is explicit with his delivery, it is easy to follow.

It is the first of his number of books that I have read. Here you will find that he talks about consciousness, spirituality, and the mind.

Sam gives personal accounts of his experience with drugs that alternate the conscious mind, and within this context, he brings a number of scientific studies that arose the idea of the mind shaping our reality.

The main message is that you need to question everything and not assume or judge. Your opinion is shaped by false presumption and that can falsify the truth of the reality.

Your reality is a figment of your imagination and you have not even tapped into the full scale of what you’re capable of doing.

Sam goes on to explain the limitations of the mind and he wants to further explore deeper to get out of that confinement.

Being trapped in a box that you created for yourself and to look from outside that box in.

There is very little jargon and a deep philosophical and psychological meaning behind Sam’s book.

Your mind will determine the quality of your life.”


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