why we work

Wonderful, short book, found this while I was looking viewing Ted Talks. Barry gave a Ted X talk and then he compiled his theories into a short intuitive book.

Barry is a psychologist and he teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. This book is written in a manner that discusses both human psychology and economics.

If you haven’t yet, definitely give this book a read. He brings forth ideas that authors like Cal Newport who wrote deep work and Daniel Pink who wrote Drive. The suggestions are how work becomes meaningful, how to stay motivated and what kills creativity.

It is written for both an employee and an employer.

When we think doing good work becomes so simple, Barry dissects the notion of good work and goes deeper to find the underlining meaning behind it.

After reading this book, I was certainly inspired and understood my level of work, and that of my employee’s. Where I could be of service and the things I shouldn’t do.

With all books, I take caution into the idea’s and theory’s here I found much of the work that I have already been exposed to in other literature. So it’s nice to be reaffirmed.

If you don’t want to purchase this book, I suggest you watch the Ted Talk. I’ll put it in the buy now.

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